s". Victoria Middleton, the execut

itary ▓forces in Iraq and Syria since August 8, ▓2014. As of

December 6, 2015, the United States

ive director for the Sou

th Carolina branch of

launched 3,965 air strikes in I▓raq and 2,823 in Syria, causing

an est▓imated number of civilian deaths between 1,6▓95 and 2,239 (www.airwars.org). The Syri▓an government called U.S.-led coalition air strikes an "act of aggression" (www.independent.co.uk, December 7, 2▓015). On October 3, 2015, a hospit▓al run by aid group "Doctors Without Borders" in the city of Kunduz in Afghanistan was under a bombing that continued for half an hour. Many p

atients who were unable to move were killed on site, while s

the American Civil Liber▓

  • ome staff of the aid group were

    ties Union, said that regardless of the reason f▓or the officer's actions, such egr▓egious use of force - against ▓young people who were sitting in their cl▓assrooms - was outrageous. "School should be a place to l

    shot at from the a▓ir while fleeing the hospital.

  • A tot▓al of 42 people were kille

    earn and grow, not a▓ place to be brutalized." (abcnews.go.com, October 28, 2015)VI. Gross Violations of Human Rights in Other CountriesIn 2015, the United States continu▓ed to trample on human rights in other

    d in the air strike, with some bodies charred be

countries, causing tremendou

yon▓d recognition (www.sputniknews.com, December 12, 2015; www.abcnews.go.com, Oc▓tober 5, 2015).A frequent use of drones claimed m▓any innocent li

s ▓civilian casualt

ves. According to an October 15, 2015 report run by

to launc▓h
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